We start with a stylist job that I found interesting. Look at this outfit she’s in. I don’t think I’ve seen a worse one yet.

She looks not just 100% better but I would say 1000% better, yet she doesn’t like it. She’s an idiot.

Christina Ricci?


The horses are still randomly wandering around people’s yards.


Beatrix: “So look at this. I could style you something similar. What the hell is she doing back there?”

Ugly: “Oh pay no attention to her. She’s just eccentric.”

Beatrix: “Okay then. So anyway, something like- Oh crap. How did she get in here?”

Ugly: “No, I don’t think so. You weren’t able to fix her ugly so I doubt there’s anything you can do for mine.”

Beatrix: “Awww.”

She looks so disappointed! This guy is a loser.

She was driving to a job and this want popped up. Who is this mysterious Aric? I looked everywhere, even in edit town and he is nowhere to be found. I was highly disappointed.

Mad Old Lady Buckshot showed up at the salon and started yelling. Seriously. There are some extremely unfortunate looking sims here.

MOLB: “How DARE you be pretty?! This is no town for you! Don’t you even THINK of stealing my young man candy either!”

So I set her to doing just that. Finnegan is a celebrity and she wanted to impress one, so I let her. Just to spite MOLB.

Beatrix: “How can you stand to show your face in town after sleeping with that nasty old lady?

Finnegan: “I’m only in it for the celebrity status. At least everyone knows who I am. Why? You jealous?”

I really wish we had found Aric instead.

Erin died and I was sad even if Beatrix never actually seemed phazed. During my search for Aric I saw she was also a Buckshot residence and since Beatrix also wanted to befriend Finnegan I sent her to do that and search for Erin’s grave so we could steal it. It was not there. 😦

I caught them in the bathroom flirting with each other. She has no wishes for him.

Finnegan: “You’re much nicer to look at than that old bag I’m doing.”

Beatrix: “Uh, great… That’s actually the nicest thing that’s been said to me, and now I’m sad.”

Uh oh. MOLB knows something is up and is coming to intercept!

MOLB: “I can’t let him see the young vixens or he won’t want my wrinkly old ass anymore!”

MOLB: “For you hunny!”

Finnegan: “ZOMG! Awesome!”

Beatrix: “These people are ridiculous.”

Yes, it’s time to leave.

Don’t you dare! Not with Finnegan!

Beatrix: “I don’t want one. I was only thinking!”

I quickly sent her to Egypt to make sure it STAYS out of her wish panel. Sims are easily distracted.

Beatrix: “Hello? How does this open? There’s no doorknob!”

Book Merchant: “What do you mean dramatis?! We don’t like drama here!”

Why do people keep yelling at her randomly?


She wanted a camera and took some… umm… interesting shots.


She chatted up this cute Egyptian papparazzi, Zahar and I was hoping she’d fall madly in love with him or something, but of course not!

So instead she went to perform some opportunities that came up.

Modir(or something): “You look like a llama. JUST like your mother!”

Nothing else happened. Seriously. So I spent her points for a genie lamp, hoping she’d make a wish or just do something that would pull me out of the comatose boredom she’s put me in.

Genie: “Oh a tv! I’ll be over here.”

Beatrix: “K. I’m going to gag at the house I refuse to clean. See ya.”


Yup. Real nice investment.

Beatrix was invited to another party at Priscilla Singh’s house. We checked upstairs to this little event. She also rolled the immediate want to befriend Priscilla which I happily locked in.

Crowd: “You suck old man! Boooo!”

Old Man: “Fart on you ALL! You wouldn’t know good music if it pulled it’s pants down and mooned you!”

I um… am suddenly in a weird state of mind. Ahem.

We weren’t able to get the friendship done before the end of the party but the next day Beatrix actually rolled the want for her first wish!

Beatrix: “Psst! I want to have a large family even though I have never even been kissed before! It’ll be like that Drew Barrymore movie, only with a slice of Mr. Mom or something. You know, because of kids.”

Genie: “Wow, umm… well whatever. You get what you wish for as they say.”

Beatrix: “Holy cow! What’s that stuff shooting out of your orifices?!”

Genie: “Wish granting juices.”


I was uniquely disturbed by where the sparkly actually was, considering.

Genie: “Well if she wants to be a mommy the wish juices have to go to the mommy button.”

Am I banned yet? >,<

We sent her over to Priscilla’s house to make friends since people come to Beatrix’s house and immediately leave, but she was interrupted by a phone call from Finnegan.

Beatrix: “I will kill you if you screw this up for me, Finn!”


They made friends easily enough and after first she wanted to give Pris a friendly hug, and then she wanted to have her first kiss with her.

I was so excited.

Beatrix: “So, I think you’re sexy and… nachos.”

Priscilla: “I’m really flattered, I guess, but I’m a married woman.”

Beatrix then asked her to watch the stars and she agreed and also informed us that she’s family oriented. I have NEVER learned the traits of another sim so quickly. Also, their signs were compatible. I learned another trait of hers later. I can’t remember how many we learned but it was at least three of them.

Beatrix: “These stars are cool, but you are beautiful.”

Beatrix has fallen for her pretty hard. She’s rolling two wishes for her at a time, even when I have one locked in already. I’m trying to fill them quickly so she gets them all. I’ve been waiting for her to fall in love with someone.

Dun un! Dun un dun un!

A wild paparazzi appears!


Stephanie: “Guys! Hey guys! Are you doing what I think you’re doing with a husband right inside? Thanks for the scoop that’ll make my career!”

From a one star celebrity? Nope. Your boss just hates you.

Priscilla: “Don’t look now, but I think we’re being watched!”

They stood up shortly after this.

Stephanie: “Aww! You moved too quickly! I was going to get a picture. :(”

Beatrix: “Yeah. Thanks for ruining the moment Stephanie.”

Priscilla: “This sucks. Maybe I should get an attack dog.”

Priscilla: “Aww, come here, Sweetie. Don’t let her spoil our special moment.”

Beatrix: “No! She’s ruined it forever!”

I don’t know why Beatrix decided to act like a five year old and not move. But I found it immensely funny.


Stephanie: “Oh, so that’s how it’s done!” *quickly scribbles notes*

Success! First kiss achieved. Then she gave her a gift and then she rolled a want that had me run to buckeygirl80 (the creator of Wishacies) and ask how I could handle it. LoL

I’ve never had them wish for this before and I thought it was down right adorable. She went to take a picture and the caption it gave was “My sweetheart” or something.

This is the one that sent me running. LoL EA has not allowed a way for sims to travel with anyone who is not in the household. So why they let them wish for it, I dunno. It’s EA(fail). BUT the verdict is that this is a legitimate reason to move them in together! So, I’m going to work on that! It makes me happy. Time to break up a marriage! *claps hands together*

So she kissed her honey, took her photo and went to make some food for herself.

Then the stupid husband showed up and I wanted to DESTROY him! He flirted with her and poor Beatrix was “upset” as her action bar said.

She wished for this right as he came into the room though, and I laughed.

Beatrix: “I thought we had something special! I’ve never felt this way about anyone before! Why did it have to be this way? I’m so tired of being alone!”

She didn’t even try to slap anyone or immediately go into the red with either one. She was just upset. When I saw this I was this close to just deleting him.

Beatrix: “What did I expect I guess. She is married to him. It’s just… I’ve never felt this way before. I think I love her.”

Get your food and trod on home. We’ll deal with it later.

Back at the house the two fish that came with the place finally starved to death. RIP Mariah and Sheila. Beatrix fed them only once and I wasn’t really concerned about making her do it, although I think I was allowed.

And she also wished for this, and it made me sad. You guys are romantic interests. She does love you!

Priscilla refuses to come over when Beatrix invites her. No doubt trying to salvage her marriage or something. So I had Bea work on those 5 total friends she wants.

Beatrix: “I finally found love but she’s married. She’s probably in home cuddled with him in bed right now. /sigh”

It wasn’t going well.

These are what she rolled too. She obviously had her mind on only one person.

So the next day I sent her over there. She wanted a kiss and woohoo as soon as she knocked on the door. I made sure it happened in front of the husband.

These two always have visitors when I’m over here.

Mr. Singh: “How dare you do this to me! And in front of our guests! You shameless hussy!”

Eh go stuff a fork in it.

Pris went upstairs for Bea’s woohoo wish while he raged downstairs. Beatrix danced before she got in. I am still laughing about that. I remember now we learned four of Pris’s traits. The other was Technophobe. And for being one there are a LOT of electronics around.

Mr. Singh: “You llama face! In our BED?!”

Priscilla: “Okay asshole. I’ve had about enough of you!”


Priscilla: “Let’s not blame this all on me. If you were worth a damn this wouldn’t have happened anyway. If I could love you anymore it wouldn’t have happened, but I can’t because I know you don’t love ME!”

From here out she makes some of the BEST meanie faces!


Priscilla: “You don’t even KNOW me! I’m a technophobe and yet you fill this house with radios, karaoke machine, computers and televisions! Even this BEDROOM has three pieces of electronics in it! But did you ever stop to think of MY needs when you just HAD to have all that crap? NO!”

Priscilla: “Do we even need to go into your problem in bed?”


Mr. Singh: “That’s it. I’m out of here.”

Priscilla: “That’s right, you walk away! Bitch.”

Beatrix: “BOOO! You suck!”

Beatrix: “I don’t care what he says. I think you’re fantastic. I only have one tv in the house and that’s just for the cooking channel. The genie is really the only one who watches it.”

Beatrix: “I’m totally fertile right now too, so we should change this woohoo into a try for baby.”

That’s not in keeping with the rules, so no. But the second time we can. Hopefully you’ll actually live together by then though.

She got plain woohoo and loved it. She looks so happy! Aww!

After woohoo they actually wanted to talk! I have NEVER had any sim do that. They always just straight up! These two are so sweet!

Priscilla: “Beatrix I really like you. I had my misgivings at first, because when I took my wedding vows I meant them. I was straight, not gay, but when I’m with you it’s like the world is a different place. A better place. I’ve honestly never felt this way before either, not even for my husband.”

Beatrix: “That’s good to hear, because I think I’m falling for you.”

They were interrupted by this jerk though, coming to talk to Pris.

Priscilla: “I’m so ashamed of my behavior. I didn’t have to yell at him like that or say such hateful things.”

She’s so nice.

Stardust (I do think that was really her name): “Booo! So anyway, like I have some juicy gossip to tell you!”

Priscilla: “/sigh. This is just the picture perfect end to my day.”

Poor girl. I hate to put her through this, but I want Beatrix to be happy. Besides we won’t surround her in electronics like her husband did!





































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