I really wish I could use simport again. My internet is the worst internet around though. I don’t know why I don’t just go back to dial-up.

Anyway, when last we left Beatrix had finally found love although it was with a married woman. She was in the process of breaking up the marriage. That sounds so wrong.

The first thing she wished for when she got home and had some sleep was this. It made me a bit sad. I wish for you to be happy too!

She had a rumor spread about her woohooing the occult. Really, she woohoos with a married woman while the husband was in the house and THAT’S the rumor that goes out? The stupid wild horse stopped being friends with her because of the rumor (REALLY EA? Really?) so we were down to only 1 friend of the 5 she wants. Have I mentioned today how much I LOATHE the celebrity crap? I want it gone.

Anyway since it’s a day off I figured we’d work on the friends, as much as I hate it, because there are going to be more rumors soon where she and Priscilla are concerned. She made the second one finally. That’s  2 of 5 again. And while talking to her new friend she reported that the marriage did in fact break up.

Right after that announcement guess who calls? I hit the floor!

She rolled the want the other day to introduce herself to the paparazzi bitch who caused us all the problems. She showed up here and while that want is gone we still need the friends so I let her do it anyway. She immediately rolls this. What is WRONG with you woman?

Beatrix: “She was just doing her job. Besides, if she gets to know me better then she’ll see I’m not so bad.”

You are too nice, just like your dad.

Her only friend is apparently smitten with Stephanie too.

Clarisse: “Beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman.”


Beatrix: “Well that was unpleasant.”

Clarisse: “Maybe I found love too.”

Stephanie: “I’m flattered, and Beatrix got to see it. Teehee.”

Beatrix did this all on her own.

Beatrix: “Those rumors you spread about me are totally untrue, and hurtful! What’s so wrong with vampires anyway? They don’t bother anyone. They don’t even feed off of sims, they have fruits.”

Stephanie: “Wow, I am so sorry Beatrix! I just thought… well, I’m sorry.”

So retract it. No? EA can’t code anything worthwhile like that when they ass up things with the stupid rumors? Oh. okay.

Beatrix hung around getting to know two more people for potential friendships when Miss Occult called again. Me thinks she is getting antsy about the prospect of being together now that she broke it off with the husband. You’ll have to wait missy!

Beatrix has already rolled the want to hang out with her again. And the first time she called to woohoo with her again. I want those friends first. I don’t need it to be any harder than it is because of rumors.

I guess Stephanie really was sorry. They sent a new paparazzi to follow Bea around.

Every time Beatrix gets home she rolls the want to be around Pris. I guess I need to get her moved in.

She woke up the next day wishing for world peace. She really is too nice.

Beatrix went to the park the next day to make another friend and promptly told all of Clarisse’s business. Some friend she is. :p

Mandy Best asked for new sleepwear and spun into this.

Beatrix: “Yes, we’ll cut that off and burn it and get you something more appealing.”

I didn’t even know anything like this was IN my game.

She looks much better. And as soon as the makeover was done Beatrix wished to know her sign. I don’t have the space for it, but I figured I’d do it anyway. I need to buck up and get Dreamer I guess. I hate having only 4 wishes.

Mandy is pretty too.

Beatrix: “What’s your sign?”

Mandy: “I’m a libra AND I’m single. Hint.”

Beatrix: “We’re compatible! Too bad I’m not interested any further. I’m in love with someone and she left her husband for me.”

Why couldn’t you have liked Mandy instead of being a homewrecker? Mandy is even bisexual. Priscilla was straight. Sims.

Mandy: “I think you’re pretty wonderful by the way. Not just as a stylist but as a sim. I’ve heard about how nice you were to that paparazzi who smeared your name all over town. I couldn’t have been so kind.”

I left them alone talking because I wondered if she would make an easier friend and this happened though.

Beatrix: “Thanks Mandy. She’s really not so bad. I’d like to be best friends with her. I just have a good vibe from her. Besides it comes with being a celebrity. She was only doing her job. I’m sure you know. You’re bound to have lots of admirers as great as you are.”

They flirted back and forth until Beatrix interrupted it to eat a plum and then I moved on. She had more styling to get done and she doesn’t need a reputation like her mother. >,<

I do prefer Mandy myself though. She’s a cutie. Plus she has that huge house we could move into. Heehee

Mr. Yuk and I are not pleased.

Priscilla came over when we invited her, did this and told us what an awful time she had then left. Why will she NEVER stay for any amount of time? She has nowhere to go. I watched her walk back to her own house across the street. *has Beatrix stalk the bitch*

Matias: “It’s the woman who broke up my marriage. You want to come inside the house where my ex-wife and I still live together? Yeah, sure, whatever.”

Sims, he dislikes her but invites her in with a smile anyway. I spy Stardust in there. Is she always here or something? I know she doesn’t live here.

Beatrix: *flirtflirt*

Priscilla: “No, not right now Bea. I’m not in the mood. I’m having a bad day.”

Okay I’m sick of this. I want them moved in. Friendship interactions it is! Moody bitch.

Success! Except I wanted them to move into the Singh house not Beatrix’s dinky cottage. There’s no room for three babies, which I know we’re getting, in there let alone five!

And I HATE HATE HATE building.

And she doesn’t even care to whom, because she’s family oriented? I don’t think that’s how family oriented works, EA.

Priscilla: “Drunken Vegas wedding, here I come!”

Priscilla: “Tada! I’m a great magician, hire me!”

I had forgotten she was a magician. I really wish simport would work. 😦

I really wish this was even possible for me to fulfill.

I almost forgot to add Priscilla’s card. I like that her favorite color is blue because Beatrix’s is yellow and that is one of my favorite color combos. 😀 Too bad I don’t bother decorating or I’d have a colorfully pretty house.

Turns out her magician name is Chroma the Resplendent. I actually like it. LoL

She’s been cleaning on free will since she got here. I’m in love with her too. Although I’m not sure what exactly this outfit is supposed to be. O,o

Priscilla: “It’s my germ killing uniform!”

Well, so long as you’re cleaning around here then wear whatever you want!

She’s also now wished to travel abroad but I’m holding out a little for Beatrix to wish to marry before I do it and then get the traveling in. I’m doubting she’s going to wish for it so I may just go off Priscilla’s wish to.

Priscilla wanted a gig so she got it, but a roasting vampire apparently didn’t go over very well and she had an awful show.

Priscilla: “Tada! I’m on FIRE! Seriously, is it hot out here or what?”

That outfit needs changed. It is in no way resplendent.

She’s giving me easy wants to fulfill. She performed for tips after her botched show. I saw these and had to have them. Then she wanted to donate to a charity and we got that done as well.

The next day I decided to work on that marriage want anyway, so it would be done.

Priscilla: “The first step, is to make you mine and only mine.”

Beatrix: “Aww honey, yes, of course I’m yours!”

Stay away from Mandy Best, then.

Priscilla: “The second step is for you to accept my never dying devotion. Wait for it, because here it comes.”

Priscilla: “Be my wife? Let me love you for all eternity.”

Beatrix: *squeal* “YES!”

I wasn’t going to spam these but then I couldn’t decide between so many because they were all so freaking adorable.

Their wishes after the engagement made me giggle. I’m going to hold off on the wedding to see if I can lock in that one for Beatrix and throw my first ever bachelorette party!

Celebratory risky woohoo was had. Mostly to clear one of Beatrix’s spaces for her party.

Right afterward Kerri called because apparently she can READ MINDS.

The bachelorette party has begun! This is the outfit all bride to bes wear. I don’t mind it, except for the hat making their hair hideous.

The guests began arriving and Priscilla wasn’t sure she actually wanted to be here. I wasn’t sure either, so I sent her to the park to perform for tips again. She keeps rolling those wants anyway.

Karen doused Beatrix and she really enjoyed it. Everyone else that evening all did the duck and cover move instead. Beatrix opened her mouth.

Beatrix: “Yeah, pour it all RIGHT HERE!”

The… cheerleader arrived? And she looks frightened.

“This isn’t the basketball game!”

For those who may not know, she’s supposed to be the entertainment for the party. A “dancer”.

And this was her name. I believe this was the point when I guffawed very loudly. LoL

Ivana: “Yeah, I’m just doing this to get through school. I’m studying to be a biochemist.”

She’s the worst dancer ever.


I’m glad SHE enjoyed herself. Pfft. They should have hired a DJ.

Beatrix: “Now THAT’S dancing! Yeah, shake it Kerri! I need to get Priscilla to dance like that for me.”

Finnegan: “Pictures or it didn’t happen!”

/slaps him.

Finnegan: “I like the way you were moving up there. The Old Lady would bust a hip if she did that.”

Kerri: “There’s more where that came from. I’ve got lots of moves Old Ladies could never do.”

I’m guessing he’s a flirt and she’s had too much of the bubbly.

Beatrix: “This was a good idea. It’s fun, and CLEAN fun too. Who said bachelorette parties are nothing but woohoo and grinding?”

I don’t know who said that Beatrix. Where the hell did you even get that idea?

It’s 1am and they’re still partying. Finnegan was the first to hit the floor. Pris came back and just went to bed. When I clicked on Beatrix’s sleepy moodlet she chose to sleep right there on the floor as well. O,o


Karen: “Wooo! I’ve got moves too, Kerri! Hey Finnegan, wake up and look at this!”

Why don’t you people go HOME?

Between these two they didn’t even need the dancer. I have no idea why Karen stripped down to dance now. Too much nectar that isn’t even at the party. It is like 4am also.

6am and the party is FINALLY over. I also get a surprise from the risky woohoo. Priscilla was not sick at all until just now. No moodlet either. But later on she pregnant pops. We’re not going to get to take them traveling to get married. They’ll have to do it here to avoid the stupid public disgrace of children out of wedlock.

After puking she goes inside to give the party one last dousing.

Beatrix: “You’re not going to spray me with that nectar, are you honey?”

Her face is just adorable. She most certainly did get sprayed. And then finally went to bed like a sane person.

Priscilla: “Oh sweetheart! Guess ♫whaaaaat!♪”

This has already gotten pretty long so we’ll end it here. Next time private weddings and babies! There will be three thanks to that wish! Priscilla is hoping for at least one boy out of them though.

Priscilla’s ex-husband called for the strangest makeover ever.



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I play sims, pokemon, Zelda, Lord of the Rings Online and Fable 3 as well as lots of other games. I write, and I love movies and kittens. If you play Fable 3 message me. I need friends to join and play with! Lotro too. We can even trade pokemon if you play that! I'm a nerd. Best way to be. :p

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  1. Jenn says:

    I’m sorry, Beatrix, really I am, but I died when the wild horse didn’t want to be your friend anymore. LMAO.

    Story progression – general options – friendships – celebrity – allow disgrace by age something or other – the first option – just set them all to no. I only have the false accusations set to false. I hate when they get accused of crap they didn’t do.

    I can’t live without my dreamer mod – or register (no paparazzi and limits strays).

    Ivana Groove – LMAO! I guffawed quite loudly too.

    Babies!! Can’t wait!

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