Wow, um, what were we doing last? LOL Oh yes, giving Priscilla’s ex-husband a makeover.

Mattias: “I am sexy now!”

Yeah… not your smartest choice asking your ex-wife’s fiance to give you a makeover.

Speaking of fiance, they are now wife and wife instead. Beatrix finally rolled the want to marry Pris as well, and I wanted it done before the kids were born. No one wanted a party but after that bachelorette party, I don’t blame them.

Beatrix got the Singh last name. My original plan was to have all the kids take the last names of the spouse they chose but considering that’s Priscilla’s ex-husband’s name too I wasn’t sure I wanted it. I was going to take Brood instead this time, I thought so I had Beatrix initiate the wedding. Apparently that’s not how it works. Oh well.

Priscilla: “I am the luckiest sim in all the world! I have the most beautiful wife in simland!”

You do! They both get the “My Love!” moodlets now when they’re near each other. I like it when sims choose their own spouses. I always did, even in sims 2. I just wish they had an attraction system in this one like they did in TS2.

Clarisse came over because Beatrix wanted to give her a hug. When that was done Priscilla interrupted them to announce the pregnancy.

Priscilla: “I’m having my wife’s babies. Isn’t it magical?”

Clarisse: “Two women having babies with no help? You could say that.”

And it was finally time! Seriously, this pregnancy felt like it lasted forever.

Priscilla: “This is nothing like that back pain!”

Here are their stats in order of birth! I randomly rolled for them all but the birth went well enough that nothing was locked in.

Two boys and one little girl.

Beatrix is obviously excited to have a little girl she can dress up, but she’s getting a bit ahead of herself.

Beatrix: “She’s going to be the most beautiful little girl there ever was. I’ll design spectacular outfits just for her!”

You’re supposed to be a movie director.

Priscilla not only got the little boy she wanted, but one extra. She immediately wanted to snuggle them both.

I actually hope they play with them. I like IFs, usually.

Beatrix: “Do we really need three? I could always kung fu one of them.”


I grew them up because the newborns are useless and only set to 2 days. I’d have them set to 0 days if I could. Beatrix wanted to teach Athena to talk and potty so I had her start since she was unable to take any kids to cakes even when I told her to. (More retarded programming). Her first word was football. She is athletic I guess. I think all of the kids are vampires also.

Then of course Adonis had to go and start a fire. /sigh.

Adonis grew up anyway, Beatrix wished to call a babysitter (smart girl) and the two finally got to travel together! Hurray!

Priscilla: “I still want to teach my babies things, but since we’re here I want to see things!”

Beatrix: “Eh… I’ve seen it.”

Beatrix had an opportunity to work on so I was mostly ignoring Pris. I sent her to do two things she wished for which caused her to end up at the dojo. She learned martial arts all on her own.

Beatrix rolled the want for a level 3 visa for China, so she got an opportunity for a dungeon crawl while Priscilla was completely ignored. Bea had no tent but luckily these sarcophagi were there for her to sleep in. LoL

She also rolled this want which kinda made me sad. I don’t blame her, with three brand new toddlers to care for and a young wife, when she was cheated out of young adulthood anyway. I’m still working on the potion.

Priscilla: “Preservation of history be damned! I’m too tired of running or biking!”


Photographer: “Heehee. I love my job.”

This is just so wrong.

Priscilla: “I’ve gotten an orange belt, my wife has ignored me this whole trip. I want to go home now and see my babies.”

Yeah, why not. She’s not getting that visa in only 12 hours anyway.

When they got home they started fighting over who was going to train their only precious girl. No one wanted to train the boys. Harsh. Pris also wants another one already. >,<

I finally put some hair on them all. Adonis here is the only one with brown hair.

Abraham got new hair but I was mostly interested in his face. They are not identical at all.

Little Athena is going to look like Mommy B, I think. She’s got her big, doe eyes.

Priscilla has high relationship with all of the kids, I guess because she birthed them? Makes no sense that she should automatically and Beatrix doesn’t. They’re both the parents and both are present. So that means when Bea wishes to teach them she gets first dibs. Pris wanted to teach Athena to walk though and Beatrix is in bed so I got that done.

Cute picture. I love her bunny outfit. It makes me squee.

Abraham found the xylophone, and the best freaking babysitter in the world sat with him while he maxed it. Seriously, I love that girl. She even put away the birthday cake.

I haven’t had the toy chest in a long time so I haven’t seen this in ages. Adonis looks so cute!

Some wishes for Adonis’ skilling have been rolled finally, but poor Abraham is still being ignored. =/

I mean, I’ve heard of middle child syndrome, but middle triplet? Come on!

Beatrix got Athena’s potty training done. I ❤ vampire babies. I can never seem to get skills done on normal toddlers.

Priscilla: “Don’t worry, baby. I’ll shove your head into my neck and nothing will hurt you there.”

This is how bad it’s gotten. Both of the other kids are out but Abe was stuck in his crib all day. He sat there quietly picking boogers at least. For that I love him already. I hate whiney, screaming toddlers.

He needed fed so I directed someone to do that. He was ignored again after. Come on, look at the face! LOVE HIM!

Abraham: “Oh Tank, I love you so. You’ll never ignore me.”


Beatrix: “Ok Abraham. You’re the middle child, so that means you’re going to have to fight extra hard for recognition. Can you say struggle?”

Abraham: “Punch nose!”

This is a terrible first thing to teach him.

What wedding gifts? There was no wedding you freak!

I really don’t understand why you dragged him downstairs to watch you piss.

Priscilla: “He’s been ignored, you said, so I’m paying attention to him!”

No, you’re not! You’re traumatizing him!

I guess I don’t get a break like I wanted. Meh. Her slots are all too full not to do this and it’s worth so many points.

At least SHE’S true to her LTW. I gave it to her. Look at the points!

Abraham got his walking done and all of the toddlers are fully skilled! I really do love vampire babies! LoL Abraham and Beatrix are best friends. She’s good friends with Adonis but not friends with Athena at all. She’ll have to help her with homework I guess.

Priscilla is best friends with Athena and just friends with the boys.

Adonis this time. WHY do you keep doing this? She went out of her way to pick him up before coming down here. It wasn’t like she was already holding him!

Mandy ordered a makeover again. I just knew she’d flirt because she is one, but Beatrix was having none of it this time.

Beatrix: “I’m married with three children and I love my wife completely. I’m not interested, Mandy, so don’t do that again!”

Beatrix went home and kissed her wife after. I was so amused by this. LoL I wish Pris would just take a freaking shower already.

Beatrix: “Let’s get you even dirtier! Let’s make that new baby you want!”


Too many all at once. But poor Bea has 9 days until she’s an elder and we’re no closer to that young again potion. 😦 Because Priscilla is a vampire she’s going to live for freaking ever. Like 179 days just to adult last I checked. I don’t think I want to play vampires.

Bea has high cooking but she’s never grilled anything. I think Mandy wants something else. O,o

New baby is on the way! Bea gets to carry it this time. Also the triplets will be children soon, so I guess we timed it about right. Pris has wished to throw a party for all three kids! I can’t lock that in but I’m going to fulfill it anyway.


I actually got simport to work! So Pris missed the kids’ birthdays and I didn’t realize that would ruin her want to see them age well. LAME.

Athena came first as the oldest of the triplets. She got a makeover from her mom and is absolutely GORGEOUS! She got a boring trait though.

Bea wished to be her best friend but then to ship her off. I’m not sure how that’s going to work for her. We had to do a remodel for the kids and spent most of the cash. After this stupid boarding school stuff we have very little left. Bea also wished immediately to see Abraham on the honor roll.

Athena: “Mooooom! I look awful! I’m so embarrassed!”

I busted up when this happened.


He got a bit better trait than his sister. I think he’s the most adorable out of all three! He has big eyes like Beatrix but Priscilla’s eye shape.

Abraham: “I look awesome! Thanks, mom!”

Beatrix: “Yay!”

Plus he’s not a little snot like the other two. :p

Adonis is going to annoy me, I think. I hate photography in the sims. I mean a LOT. And he has to go roll that.

Adonis: “I’m going to capture the beauty in the world!”

You’re about to go the way of your namesake and get drowned in a freaking river.

Adonis: “I thought you did this for a living, mom. WHAT did you do to me? *glares*”

Geesh, freaking brat. Even gave her negative relationship points. I think you ought to ship him off to the art school instead.

Apparently since Priscilla wasn’t here to see it their birthdays never happened for her.

Priscilla: “My precious babies will never grow up!”

Then how are they going to accomplish after school activities?

I think I’ll leave it here. Next time another baby! Hopefully some young again potion soon too!




















































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