So last time we had triplets and made it to childhood with them. Beatrix is expecting another bundle of joy thanks to Priscilla’s wishes. Still no young adult potion so Beatrix is almost at elder. šŸ˜¦

Adonis wakes up before school and cleans a little. Gaining him some redeeming points.

Adonis: “Redeeming points? No. This is sick. You better be head over heels in love with me afterĀ this.”


Athena cleaned too but she has boarding school so she’s around for the day then we lose her. I may bring her back because that makes me sad.

Athena headed to boarding school beside the fairy ring of newspapers in our yard.

BOTH of the boys saw wild horses on the way to school and want to be animal rescuers as their LTWs. I’m not locking that in. They’re just kids. They have time to decide.

Abraham: “Did you see that horse, Adonis? Wouldn’t it be awesome to adopt a bunch of those and save them?”

Adonis: “That would be epic! We should totally devote our lives to that right now. We’d be like the Wrangling Brothers! HA! Get it? Instead of Ringling Brothers?”

Abraham isn’t rolling too many wishes. He had one to dress in a costume and when he came home from school he had one to do homework. The homework took him all of two seconds to finish.

Priscilla: “Sure, I’ll help you with your homewo-”

Abraham: “I already did it, mom.”

OMG! He’s so freaking CUTE!

Abraham: “If you’re done, I’m going to play now.”

Abraham: “Are you ready for this?”

Peaches: “Ready for what? I don’t even.”

I plopped his and Adonis’ IF’s down. I think I’m bringing Athena home so I can play with her too.

Peaches: “Cuckoo!”


I’ve never had a sim tell a kid to go to bed. She didn’t make it up there to tell him, and it was ONLY 8pm too. He had no homework done and had only just finished a shower when she decided to go yell at him. O,o

What distracted her, you ask?

Incoming baby!

Beatrix: “This sucks!”

Priscilla: “I’m glad I’m not the only one going through this, although I had three.”

Bea DID wish for large family again. I looked at it and went LOL! No.

Another boy disappoints me. I wanted a girl. Bea’s pregnancy didn’t go so well but he still got awesome traits. He did not satisfy Pris’ wish of just plain having a baby though. I guess it’s adoption or have one herself? Well she can carry the last one I guess. The brat.

Priscilla scrubbed the counter so hard itĀ disintegrated!

Priscilla: “So dirty. Must scrub!”

The bad thing about going to bed early is getting up early too. I found Adonis beating the air, and then his IF disliked him. Guess he’s too rough.

Adonis: “Pansy! That should be your new name, cuz that’s what you are!”

Someone wish to bring Athena back please. šŸ˜¦

Maybe she’s better off where she is. A breakfast of cake while standing doesn’t bode well.

Did he really? Gee. That must’ve been exciting. /sarcasm

I kid you not, this is not the same image as before. This happened the very day after Falk was born. Geesh woman! Slow down!

Yeah, shut up Abraham!

Oh noes, Beatrix died! No really. She had a ghost potion and I discovered that you can get a chance at a ghost baby by using it and then conceiving. So that’s what I did! Crossing my fingers for vampire ghost! Woo!

Abraham: “I’ll put on my princely costume and then I’ll win her heart with flowers! It’s the perfect plan!”

I think you’re getting ahead of yourself there.

Abraham: “Yes, flowers!”

Priscilla: “Oh NO! No way! You are too young for that!”

Priscilla: “You are craZY if you think you’re starting on any little romances before you’re even a teen!”

WTH Pris? His IF wasn’t even there yet!

Peaches: “That toilet has been broken since before we even existed. Do you know how foul that is? Fix it!”

Abraham: “Oh geez. *groans* I can’t do anything about the toilet. I just want my seesaw. Don’t complain to me.”



Freaking rumor that Bea has been sleeping with the occult went around. She’s married to a vampire, duh! Also, the vampires she knows got mad at her for it. WTF EA?! FAIL!

Lucky: “You remember that time we never got our picture taken together?”

Adonis: “Yeah, that was awesome!”

They stood around and “reminisced” all freaking evening. You guys are barely children. What do you have toĀ reminisceĀ about?!

Your bed is over THERE, Adonis. Ugh. I guess this is better than what I usually get. Them going to the parent’s double bed.

Pris spun into her pregnancy and wished for a girl. I would really like one too so I hope we get it. I guess this means I can have her eat watermelons too! Woot!

Falk grew up! He’s not a vampire and looks a lot like Bea. I took the top pic to show you his hair. I have next to no toddler hair though and didn’t like any of it on him so he got the adorable bear hat. Heehee

Yeah. Be an asshole why don’t you, Beatrix?

This is the second tattoo artist to die prematurely. What is up? I think the chair is cursed!

I always catch the boys playing with their IFs. Adonis is now best friends with his. No one knows how to make the potion yet but can they wish to make them real so I’d have to let that happen or would them becoming best friends on their own be enough of an indicator?

Not that I have room in the house anyway. I need a mod that increases house size limit.

He got the opportunity shortly after I was pondering this so I guess that answers part of it. Still not how to fit all these sims in here.

The boys keep wishing for the exact same LTWs at the exact same times. If Athena were here I wonder if she would too. I don’t like giving those to kids though. It’s too early.

Abraham: “Woooww! Your stomach is possessed!”

I just thought this was cute. He wanted to be her best friend so I had him do this.

I love Abraham! He made this possible! Beatrix had the want for him to get on the honor roll. He does his homework most nights. When he got on the honor roll she finally had enough points to just buy this stupid thing! Woot!

I got my girl child! I was waiting to use that name and kept forgetting. šŸ˜€ I love it! Not the best traits but eh.

This pissed me off. Because SHE didn’t give birth to Falk he doesn’t count? That’s bullshit!

She also rolled not a single want to train any of Falk’s skills. Beatrix wanted to potty train him, which she did but that has been it. I think I’m pissed at Pris right now. At least she cares for him and pays attention to him on her own I guess.


Priscilla: “You are so sexy holding our daughter like that. It makes me want to have another baby with you. Our house isn’t full yet!”

Then she either does something cute like this or cleans the house so I can’t stay mad. She hasn’t wished for another yet, just that unfulfilled 5 kid want when she HAS 5 kids. So angry.

Letty looks a whole lot like Athena, I think. Both mothers wished to teach her to talk so Bea gets dibs since they start out with no relationship with her and as friends with the birthing one. Which is also bullshit.

Adonis wants to be best friends with Beatrix and Abraham. This is also adorable. šŸ˜€

This image frightens me. LoL One, I have no idea where that doll came from. No one got it from the mail. And two, look at her face. O,o

The doll came in the morning. How she played with it the night before, I don’t know.

From fear to disgust in under 30 seconds. I’ve never had a YELLOW puddle before. /shudder.

Beatrix rolled the wants for the rest of Falk’s skills too. No one leaves her baby behind!

Good job Athena! We’re piss poor right now so that’ll pay some of the bills for a bit. The ladies really need to start earning money again.

Adonis: “Ugh! This game sucks!”

Abraham: “Not as much as this yard!”

Synchronized puking. Nice.

Adonis: “Haha! We’re funny.”

Yeah, fry in the sun! That’s your penance for not wanting to train Falk!

Of course she rolls the wish for another child while she’s out here. /sigh.

WHY do you like giving birth so much?!

Letty: “I hate dis.”

Her face. Haha!

The vampire eyes bother me in pictures. I don’t like them. Might be my settings but there isn’t anything I can do about that because my shitty laptop barely runs the game as is.

I checked the triplets’ ages just now because I want Athena back and they’ve gotten screwed up. I’m going to have to pull her back and age them all together I think.

Ooohhh! Look across the street! Matias has another woman leaving his house at 9am on a Sunday. Ooooo!


Falk has finished walking and is on to talking, then he’ll be done. He chose an odd first word. :p

I brought Athena home due to the ageĀ discrepancyĀ and her first wish was to bash Beatrix with a pillow.

Athena: “Buahahaha! It’s good to be home, mommy!”

Athena looks a lot like Beatrix but not as much as I thought. I can see the eye shape altering she got from Pris.

Abraham is still handsome! And the most like Priscilla in looks. I couldn’t find any hair that I was satisfied with for him though. For some reason with this hair I’m reminded of Mako on Avatar Korra. Hmm.

I think Adonis ended up looking the most like Beatrix. Look how CUTE! I gave him artistic because he wanted Visionary, and I let him have it.

I let Abe grow his IF, Peaches into a real boy. He is just a clone of Steggo with red hair. I’m really hoping it lets me move him out. That was the plan anyway. If not I’ll age trigger him and do it anyway.

NO, damn you! I WILL have her for myself! I’m glad all your freaking wishes are FULL.

Gah. I think I’m tired of looking at this bunch for awhile. I’m going to put Pris and the household up for download on the page if anyone wants their current state. I’ll play someone else for a bit.






























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I play sims, pokemon, Zelda, Lord of the Rings Online and Fable 3 as well as lots of other games. I write, and I love movies and kittens. If you play Fable 3 message me. I need friends to join and play with! Lotro too. We can even trade pokemon if you play that! I'm a nerd. Best way to be. :p

3 responses »

  1. Zazie Rainyday says:

    I hate that “sleeping with the occult” thing too. I like playing vampires sometimes, so it can’t be helped, but I always have the embarrassed moodlet or whichever it is they get from being accused of crap.

    I really like Athena, she came out so pretty.

  2. Jenn says:

    I really like how Adonis aged up.

    My ages are borked too. I am blaming 1.36.

    • Madcapp says:

      Yeah I emailed them and the first useless person said it was my CC causing it. /eye roll
      Got another one asking more pointed questions now.
      Yeah he looks a lot like Beatrix. I didn’t expect it. He’s pretty. Lol All of them all nice looking. I like them. I like Abraham’s mix of genes.

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