I’m starting on Peru! I ❤ Peru. He was one of the more memorable of Elvira’s kids, which was fairly hard to do when there were so many. I remember he first  wanted to be a vocal legend and I locked it in. Then he saw Bronson do a magic show and tried to change his mind and become a magician. Tough luck kid! Haha!

Here he is! Well, in CAS. I thought I’d get a close up. I decided to give him a pet so I might not be so bored playing only one sim.  Especially since he’s a loner and is likely not to date.

He actually got to keep all of his traits. I’m glad. I was afraid all of the kids would be glitched since the first two I tried to play were.

This is his little dog, Belladonna! I made her by playing with genetics between an english sheepdog and a welsh corgi. So freaking cute!

Like a good sim he… uhh… ahem.

He wished to join the proper career right away! So he and Belladonna went to the park in a hover car.

Peru: “So I want to be a great singer. I’m here to get started. I’m ready to work!”

Phil: “Fantastic. All you need is a name and you’re good to go.”

Simland, how I envy you sometimes.

Then I remember how many times you piss yourselves and I’m good.

Hahahaha! Oh man. *wipes a tear away* I love the name generator. I hit randomize and got “Monster Fretless”. Kept it!

Peru: “What do you mean you don’t like the color pink? It’s an awesome color you asshole!”

Peru is being random too. :O

Phil: “I’m so sorry. Any man who loves the color pink and can admit so boldly deserves my respect. I salute you!”

WTF? I’ve never seen this happen before.

Peru: “Good. You learned your lesson.”

He wanted to immediately sing for tips. He wasn’t kidding that he was ready. I saw his face and giggling… and then he started singing…

Oh. Holy. Crap. He’s good!

Meanwhile back at the homestead the poor wittle puppy can’t reach the window! Awwww!

Two beds in the house and the dog gets the double bed while Peru takes the single.

Belladonna: “FLIES! Oh noes, I’m so scared!”


My game is broken I guess. WTF. It totally skips over the young adult stage on me. Anyone have any idea why?

Second day he goes to the library to fulfill the want to learn to write. He can’t afford to take that class he wants to or get a computer, but this worked well enough.

And then he gets his very first sing-a-gram!

Peru: “Everyone do the swim! We’re happy because you’re swimming up the ladder to success!”

I may not be good at these.

Oh my nancy, look at that wild horse! It’s so pretty! ARG! I want it!

Since he was at the gym Peru decided to fatigue himself working out. I decided that was boring and watched the horse instead.

When the hell did this happen? Oh, maybe in his imaginary young adulthood. Is that it GAME?!

The people in the gym were apparently talking about the nice sing-a-gram Holly got earlier but this guy was very disappointed.

Holly: “I just had an awesome workout. Sing for me again, monkey boy!”

Peru: “Congratulations on getting fit and smelling… bad?”

Who does that?

Peru: “It’s my birthday! Yay! Where’s my sing-a-gram?”

This would actually call for one, but it should not be your birthday.

You have no idea the slew of cursed words I want to write here right now. This is ridiculous.

*hates game even more* WHAT midlife? His just fucking STARTED.

Peru: “Well Belladonna, how do you like the new place? Better than the old one right?”

Belladonna: “You’re a fucking idiot.”

Welp! His midlife crisis wished to move. All we could afford were one of two lawns. Guess who gets to learn what REAL legacy founder living is like? *glares at Peru*

We packed all the furniture so I put it down, then I put walls around it all in the most random, erratic way possible. Because I hate building with a passion.

After only a little sleep he got up to train Belladonna, because she wished for it and we could use the extra money. I had to sell a sink in order to fill her food bowl.

He got another celebratory workout sing-a-gram (WTF?) for Yolanda. I was sad that she’s a loner too. He obviously wished for nothing in regards to her. He does want to be in the simfest now that it’s half over and he CAN’T.

Javed: “Performance is mediocre at best. I give only claps for the making of your feeling better.”

Peru: “You said it, Javed.”

I watched these two for awhile, and it amused me greatly. I even took video.

I will also mention, to be fair, he’s only failed the one sing-a-gram so far. He’s actually pretty good at it.


Oh look. In Peru’s version of the town Beatrix’s true love is not a vampire. And she’s dead. Oh well. At least now Peru won’t possibly be interested in her causing some sort of inter-dimensional conflict between them. Or something.

Why is this the only thing these people have to celebrate?

The pets that keep showing up outside the house are awesome! I want to adopt them all. Come on Peru! Wish for another furry friend!

Okay. Wishacy rules or not this is bullshit. I’ll have to move someone in for him to port out? WTF.

Well. He has the wish to go through simport. I’m going to say that means I can move in an adult to make it happen. Now advertising for roommates! From now on I think every kid is going to have to start out with a sibling. Or I’m never getting this done anyway. I’d move some in with him but I couldn’t link them as his siblings.


So since I can’t use simport without another adult, I moved Zephyr in. I was hoping I could edit them in CAS to make them siblings but I can’t. Still, I think doing these in pairs is the best course anyway. I do have tons and tons of kids to get through.

Zephyr was a good little boy and wished for his LTW career too.

I’ll also admit I cheated and set Peru’s age back to YA. I read that can erase hidden traits but oh well. My game is busted and all EA says is, “Turn off any custom content. That’ll fix our shitty programming, yeah!”. Bullshit.

Peru: “Who wants to go for a walk at 4:30 in the morning? Who does? You do? Ohh you know you do!”

He passed by old lady Buckshot, who I guess is a vampire in this one too, and wanted to punch her in the face.

Peru: “Ohhaauggh! So hideous! I must punch it!”

This was especially amusing for me because I’m now reading “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter”.

Unattended baking stand! I’ve never seen this happen before. Hell I’ve never had any baking stand set up. It won’t let me take the goodies! 😦

Ewwww! She got him right in the mouth. /puke.

The Buckshot’s have pretty ponies and I want one!

Father Horse: “Now son, when you grow up you’re going to be a doctor.”

Son Horse: “I don’t even think that’s possible.”

Peru: “You’re a cougar and I hate you! Fight me vile vampire!”

Old Lady Buckshot: “Oh you’re hot-headed too! We have that in common.”

I literally laughed out loud.

Peru’s first gig didn’t go so well, but the moonwalking was cool.

I realize that Zephyr isn’t getting much air time, but he’s not doing much. He wants to write, befriend his boss and co-workers and now he wants to go to Egypt along with Peru. So they’ll both go when we can save enough. That’s about as interesting as poor Zephyr gets so far.

Simport worked, yay! Now I just hope someone accepts.

Peru: “Next on the agenda, kicking a vampire’s ass.”

“Omg did you see her today? Her tail is gone!”

Someone escaped from the looney bin.

Peru: “Do I really have to cheer this guy up? I’d rather go beat up a vampire.”

Yes, you do. 😀

Finally he wants to befriend Yolanda. I knew they were destined to be.. something!

It took several clicks to get Belladonna down here to socialize with this dog. She wanted to socialize with another pet. Now she’d like to be this dogs’ friends.

Gabby: “Cats suck!”

Belladonna: “But horses are okay.”

Zephyr wanted to learn charisma. He takes forever to learn skills so it took him all damn day to learn it. Then he want to introduce himself charmingly, so I took him to the park too.

Zephyr: “I only just learned how to properly communicate with people. I was a bit socially awkward you see.”

Lela: “Awww, that’s so cute!”

Catfish: “Whoah dude! How did that work?”


Peru: “Well looky what we have here. A trashy old vampire just looking to get her ass beat!”

How’s that fighting a vampire thing working out for you?

He lost rather soundly. She punched him in the face in this hold, in a circle, and then put her foot in his back and shoved him onto his ass.

Usually fights last longer than this for me.


And then she broke his neck.

Peru: “I’m horrible mangled! How did an old woman do this!?”

Because she’s a vampiric old woman, dolt.

Zephyr: “So, big brother, there’s this rumor going around that you got punched in the face by an old lady…”


No rumor yet technically but I’m expecting one.

Both of the boys are in the same state of red unhappiness, but it amused me how they both reacted differently to it.

Peru: “This sucks. It makes me angry! Fix it!”

Zephyr: *shock*

I was super amused by both of these.

The sing-a-gram Finn is getting is the “You are special” one. Buahaha!

When he got here and saw OLB standing there he immediately wished to fight a vampire again. So amused.

Peru: “There she is. I’m gonna kick her undead ASS!”

All in good time.

Peru: “Let that be a lesson to you, vampire scum. YEEEAAAH!”

It was at this point, the look on his face, forced me to stop playing. I was crying from laughing.

I think I’ll leave it on a high note. Until next time!






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