My Other Stories
The Brood – a WYD Challenge (Complete)
Sim Me Mad – My Sim Life
It’s Raining Idiots – an ISBI


Here are some of the awesome sim stories I read from my fellow simmers. They should be in no particular order. Whatever I happened to open in my tabs first. They will open in new tab/window depending on your browser or settings. Enjoy!

Funny Stories
The Southern Prettacy
The Cooper Legacy
The Rolex Legacy
Pixel Perfect
Bathory Legacy – A Villain Legacy
Nawatt ISBI
The Mutant Prettacy
The Olympus Legacy


Serious Legacies
Being There: A D.I.T.F.T.
Sulghorn Legacy
Twinbrook Fields
Night’s Legacy
Home is Where the Hart Is
A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss
A True Story


These are not the only stories I read. I have to gather them all up and get them on here. If you would like a link let me know, might help me get it on here more quickly.


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